Payment methods

What payment methods are available?

Credit Card (or debit card enabled), Prepaid Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), PayPal (also in installments) and Bank Transfer in advance.

Delivery time

Order fulfillment usually takes place within 24 working hours from the time of purchase if you choose credit card or PayPal as the payment method; if you would prefer an advance bank transfer as a payment method, you have to wait for the credit to be credited to your current account before the goods are dispatched. As soon as the shipment has started, you will be sent an e-mail with the tracking to confirm the departure of the order and any communications. From receipt of the shipping confirmation e-mail, delivery times are:

1/2 working days to Calabria. below all the details on the shipping costs and the threshold for free shipping.

2/3 working days to all destinations in the national territory, islands included. below all the details on the shipping costs and the threshold for free shipping.

4/7 working days to 35 European countries, depending on the destination. full cost details below. we also ship to England and Switzerland but only on estimate and outside the store. then send a request via email only for these two states, for the rest you can proceed directly from the store. We do not ship to the United States.


1. The delivery times indicated may vary depending on the holidays: Easter, Christmas period, and in the summer period, not guaranteeing deliveries within 48 hours and not holding us responsible for any prolonged delays.

2. Delivery times must be calculated on working days from Monday to Friday, as couriers do not deliver on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Therefore, orders placed from Friday to Sunday throughout the day will be processed the following Monday and processed on the same day if possible, otherwise Tuesday morning.

3. The shipment will always be accounted for with a regular receipt or tax invoice, present in real time in your personal area of the store ("my account"). Under no circumstances will we put documents with sales prices in the parcel. To make delivery more certain and precise, if you prefer, you can indicate an address where a trusted person is always present for collection, for example a business. It is advisable to always specify as many details as possible through the appropriate "leave a message" space that you find during the purchase procedure, such as, for example, if the name on the intercom is absent or different, if you need to deliver the goods to the concierge, intercom, stairs, interiors, etc.


The shipping prices shown below are inclusive of VAT. Once the shipping address has been set, from any European country authorized by the system, the cart will automatically process the total to be paid and the free shipping costs where applicable.


Always free shipping for orders over € 79 to any destination in Calabria.

Shipping cost with destination Calabria for amounts less than € 79 = € 5.00 always, for one or more pieces.



Always free shipping for orders over € 79 with delivery throughout Italy including the islands.

Shipping cost to Italy for amounts less than €79:

A) €5,00 for orders till € 45,00

B) €8.00 for ordes till € 79,00


The costs for orders with destination Europe are in the table attached below. The price is fixed for each country, without brackets or restrictions. Where applicable, find the threshold for free shipping.

We also ship to England and Switzerland but only on a quote and outside the store. Then send your request via email:

We do not ship to the USA.

Shipping abroad


Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Holland and the Netherlands, Denmark.

Shipping costs: € 15,00 for orders till € 45,00; € 18 for orders till € 79

Free from: € 79.00


Serbia, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Sweden.

Shipping costs: € 15,00 for orders till € 45,00; € 18 for orders till € 79

Free from: € 79.00


Finland, Balearic Islands, Greece, Corsica, Turkey, Liechtenstein, Malta, Norway, Iceland, Cyprus

Shipping costs: € 15,00 for orders till € 45,00; € 18 for orders till € 79

Free from: € 79.00

The shipment of your BOX

Shipping charges include handling and packaging charges. Your package will be sent at your own risk, but special care is taken in the case of fragile items. For shipments we use secure packaging with attention to detail and, at our expense, shipments are always insured in case of breakage or loss. To ship cured meats and cheeses, we use isothermal containers with special ice gel suitable for the transport of fresh food products. On Divini Itinerari you can buy with the serenity and awareness that you will always have 100%. We are always available and respond quickly. Make yourself comfortable, choose the products and put us to the test!